The European Network of Sport Science (ENSS) is the professional communication platform the ECSS is offering its members and stakeholders alike. The ENSS shall serve to interact and communicate on sport science related topics.

Full access to the ENSS is provided online from the ECSS account.


The ECSS members’ directory allows for direct intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration on an international level, the ENSS offers to locate and address colleagues among the ECSS community [Terms & Conditions].


The ECSS members´ forum offers ECSS members to raise topics and questions, to provoke discussions or announce publications in sport science. Threads posted in the ECSS members´ forum are accessible to the public.

The ECSS members’ groups is listing special interest groups that have formed amongst ECSS members. ECSS members are welcome to join the groups and/or start the initiative to introduce a new group. Members of each group are able to locate and contact colleagues within their field of expertise, address special topics of interest and provoke discussions on new findings and publications.



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