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Abstract-ID: 2103
Session: [PS-PL03] Olympism & Sport (*)
Lecture room: Ambassador
Date & time: 06.07.2012 / 11:30 - 12:45
Title of the paper: The IOC and the Olympic Athlete
Authors: Engebretsen, L.
Institution: University of Oslo Medical School
Department: Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Country: Norway
Abstract text:

Since 2007 the International Olympic Committee is developing various programs for prevention of injuries and diseases in high level and recreational sports. This development is occurring with the cooperation of IFs such as FIFA, IHF, IAAF and FINA as well as with renowned research institutions worldwide. The Medical and Science Department of the IOC is currently developing research in the prevention field with several major institutions to focus on research, education and implementation of the new knowledge to all NOCs around the world (2). This strategy is highlighted with the IOC support of special issues of the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Every year at least two consensus conferences will be held- recently on Pre Participation Exams and on Age Determination in young athletes. Finally, the IOC has developed an injury and disease surveillance system for the Olympic Games- successfully conducted in Beijing and Vancouver (1). Through these initiatives, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will increasingly emphasize the protection of the athletes’ health and the prevention of injuries. REFERENCES 1.Engebretsen L et al Br J Sports Med. 2010 Sep;44(11):772-80. 2. Bahr R, van Mechelen W, Kannus P. Prevention of sports injuries. In: Kjær M, Krogsgaard M,Magnusson P, et al. Oxford: Blackwell Science,2002:299–314.

Topic: Sports Medicine
Keyword I: athletes
Keyword II: health
Keyword III: injury prevention