Following a successful ECSS Fellow application Fellows shall support the goals of the ECSS by distinguished activities. ECSS Fellows have made a significant contribution to the development of sport science through research.

ECSS Fellows are:

Dr. Luis M. Alegre Spain
Dr. Ajmol Ali New Zealand
Prof. Neil Armstrong United Kingdom
Dr. David Behm Canada
Dr. Anita Birklbauer Austria
Dr. Gregory Bogdanis Greece
Prof. Tim Cable United Kingdom
Prof. Taija Finni Finland
Dr. Martino Franchi Switzerland
Dr. Brian Hanley United Kingdom
Prof. Jørn Wulff Helge Denmark
Prof. Franco M. Impellizzeri Australia
Dr. Kari Kalliokoski Finland
Prof. Anthony Kay United Kingdom
Dr. Reidar Lystad Australia
Dr. Nicola Maffiuletti Switzerland
Dr. Asgeir Mamen Norway
Dr. Swarup Mukherjee Singapore
Dr. George Nassis Qatar
Prof. Bente Klarlund  Pedersen Denmark
Prof. Bart Roelands Belgium
Dr. Parco Siu China
Prof. Harri Suominen Finland
Prof. Janice Thompson United Kingdom
Prof. Tobias Vogt Germany
Prof. Mark Willems United Kingdom