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Date & time: 06.07.2016 / -
Title of the paper: Exploring the Teaching Strategies for Teaching Filed Games from the Perspective of Creativity & Character Education
Authors: Shin, Kicheol
Institution: Jeonju National University of Education
Department: Physical Education
Country: Korea, South
Abstract text Introduction Creativity & character education (CCE) in the regular school education has been recently introduced to the national curriculum for an attempt to foster a desirable human character which improves future and grows infinitely. Physical education is also no exception to this educational tendency. CCE is generally realized in substance through classes. Therefore it is necessary to inquire the substance and meanings of CCE in physical education based on the concrete cases of class. Thus the purpose of this study was to interpret the educational meanings of teaching strategies that applied in the competition activity instruction in physical education from the perspective of CCE. Methods This study used a qualitative research method. Participants were four 5th graders of the elementary school which is located in an urban area. They were chosen according to the purposeful sampling method by considering the difference of sex and skill level. Data were collected through participant observation and in-depth interviews of four elementary school students, and then categorized by the domain analysis and taxonomic analysis. Teaching strategies mainly focused on the strategies of making up game filed, grouping students, and utilizing teaching tools. Results & Discussion The results of this study were summarized in two aspects. First, the strategy of making up game filed showed two patterns as intentional variations to increase the learning effect and constructing game field by students. The educational meaning of teaching strategy was categorized as visual fuse leading participation, activity space with all participation, and expanding the channel forming the eye for games. Second, the strategies of grouping students also showed two shapes like expanding participating motivations and grouping for the multilateral game. The educational meanings of this strategy was categorized as forming motives and self-esteem, change of perception about game performance, and relaxation of exaggerative competition structure. Lastly, the strategies of utilizing teaching tools revealed two patterns as use of alternative materials and development of new materials. The educational meaning of this strategy was categorized as chance of revelation of responsibility and struggling between new and traditional norm. Contact skc1875@gmail.com]
Topic: Physical Education and Pedagogics
Keyword I: creativity & charater education
Keyword II: teaching strategy
Keyword III: filed-type game