17th Annual ECSS-Congress, Bruges 2012

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Abstract-ID: 263
Session: [MO-SH06] Philosophy & Ethics
Lecture room: Live 2
Date & time: 24.06.2015 / -
Title of the paper: The Olympic Ritual, Culture and the realization of “China Dream” in Anthropological Perspective: The Case of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony
Authors: Yuan, S.
Institution: Waseda University
Department: Graduate School of Sports Science
Country: Japan
Abstract text The General Secretary of People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping raised ’China Dream’ on November 29, 2012. It is the governing philosophy and goals of the new generation of leaders in China. Since then, ’China Dream’ has become the center of the hustle-bustle of the world public opinion. Dream is the world language which is across borders and cultures. For China, the realization of ’dream’, it should be the realization of national identity and cultural identity. Therefore, select the appropriate platform, means and overcome language and cultural barriers in the worldwide is the most valuable experience to obtain the national identity for the future development of China. This study takes the Beijing Olympic Games as an example, to explore the relationship between Olympic ritual and cultural, national identity from the perspective of anthropology. Analyze the behavior of China that take advantage of the function of ritual and culture in the opening ceremony to create a “living image” and form a collective memory.
Topic: Sociology
Keyword I: Ritual and Symbolism
Keyword II: Cultural identity
Keyword III: China Dream