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Session: [MO-SH06] Physical education and pedagogics
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Date & time: 06.07.2017 / -
Title of the paper: Assessment of sport injury prevention measures in schools with regard to their effectiveness, applicability and acceptance by physical education teachers and physiotherapists
Authors: Dieterich, S., Kulikova, O., Korthals, D.
Institution: Hochschule für Gesundheit
Department: Department of Applied Health Sciences
Country: Germany
Abstract text Introduction Despite strongly standardized conditions and prevention efforts, about half a million injuries are registered in school sports in Germany every year. Many recommendations for injury prevention measures exist in the literature. However these recommendations mainly consider competitive sports and their effectiveness and not their applicability and acceptance, even though the latter are crucial for successful implementation. The objective of this study is to describe and compare the evaluation of different injury prevention measures in school sports in secondary education from a sports-pedagogical and physical therapeutic view. On the basis of a rating in effectivity, applicability and acceptance through experts, conclusions for the implementation of injury prevention measures are drawn. Methods The collection of data was acquired through a questionnaire, which was answered by 134 physical education teachers and 63 physical therapists. Injury prevention measures were divided in the categories “measures pre- and post-exercise”, “sports equipment and facilities”, “organization and supervision” and “supportive measures”. The evaluations were acquired based on rankings and divided into moderate and strong ratings of experts. Results There was no significant difference in the evaluation by physical education teachers and physical therapists. The effectivity of injury prevention measures was rated higher than the applicability or acceptance in all categories. These categories and three criteria showed several significant variances. Discussion Minor time and equipment resources are held responsible for the low applicability of some injury prevention measures. Furthermore, a lack of motivation and motor competence in students might influence the evaluation of “acceptance”. The majority of the experts emphasize the effectivity of measures regarding sports equipment and facilities, which are directly available, like suitable mats or inspecting sports equipment before use. Contact sven.dieterich@hs-gesundheit.de
Topic: Physical Education and Pedagogics
Keyword I: injury prevention
Keyword II: physical education
Keyword III: school