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Date & time: 24.06.2015 / -
Title of the paper: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Individual and Group Sport Activities on the Mental Health of Chaoxian Nationality College Students
Authors: Hou, H.
Institution: Minzu University of China
Department: Department of Physical Education
Country: China
Abstract text Introduction Utilizing Mood Scale (BFS), this paper investigates the psychological impacts of selected individual and group sport activities among Chaoxian nationality college students, with a focus on the “instant” effect. The analysis provides theoretical support, methodological guidance, and new evidence for improving the mental health of Chaoxian nationality college students – and to a wider extent of ethnic minority students in general – through physical activities. Methods Based on an extensive literature review, the author designed and carried out an experiment among a sample of 135 Chaoxian nationality college students, utilizing Mode Scale (BFS) to measure psychological effects of individual and group sport activities. Examples of Individual sport activities in this study include martial arts, aerobics, yoga, rope skipping, skating, and taekwondo. Examples of group activities include football, basketball, and volleyball. Data collected from the experiment was processed and analyzed by using statistical methods including T-test and covariance analysis. Results Results show that physical activities have positive effect on the mood status of Chaoxian nationality students. To be specific, individual sport activities have certain effect on the whole and relatively significant effect on female students; Group sport activities have negative effect on male students but positive effect on female students; Different sport activities have different psychological effects on college students of Chaoxian nationality. Discussion This paper is a primary attempt to study the differentiated effects of individual and group sport activities on the mental health of ethnic minority college students in China. Though its findings are exploratory in nature, the analysis further confirms the conclusion drawn from previous research: physical activities do influence mental health (e.g., Hou, 2012; Huang, 1997; Huang et al., 1995). If expanding the sample quantitatively and spatially in this study, it is very likely to attain more compelling evidence on the differentiated psychological effects of different physical activities among ethnic minority college students, providing theoretical foundation for China’s national physical fitness program. References Hou H. (2012). The impact of different types of activities on mood status of Tujia nationality college students. Journal of Shenyang Sport University, 31 (5), 64-67. Huang Z. (1997). The impact of different types and intensities of activities on the mode of male college students. Wuhan Sport University (master thesis). Huang Z, Si G, Li Y. (1995). Mood benefits of exercise types and athletic sport activities. Journal of Shanghai University of Sport. 19 (4), 39-44. Contact hhsheng7602@126.com
Topic: Psychology
Keyword I: Mood
Keyword II: Chaoxian Nationality
Keyword III: College Students