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Session: [CP-PM09] Biochemistry and nutrition
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Date & time: 08.07.2017 / -
Title of the paper: Plasma IL-6 and Lipids in male100-km ultramarathoners
Authors: CHIU, Y.H., LAI, J.I., KAO, W.F., CHANG, W.H.
Institution: Mackay Memorial Hospital
Department: Emergency Department
Country: Taiwan
Abstract text Background: The factors responsible for the acute effects of exercise on changes in lipids are not well known. Interleukin-6 (IL-6) has been reported to enhance lipid turnover by stimulating lipolysis and fat oxidation. IL-6 might be an important mediator of the lipid metabolism in Asian male ultramarathoners after a 100-km (62.5-mile) ultramarathon event. Objective: To investigate the association between plasma IL-6 and lipids in male ultra-marathoners after a 100-km ultra-marathon event.
 Methods: 25 runners were prospectively recruited into our study. Plasma IL-6 and lipid profiles were analyzed 1 week before, immediately following and 24 hours after the the 2011 Flexpower Cup National 100-Km Ultra-Marathon, in Taipei, Taiwan. 
 Results: Blood concentrations of IL-6 and ketone of the recruited runners showed significant increases both immediately after and 24 hours post-race compared with pre-race values. The serum total cholesterol values revealed a statistically significant rise in the immediate post-race values and a rapid drop in values at 24 hours post-race. There was an increase of high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL_C), as well as a decrease of low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in 24 hours post-race blood tests. Triglyceride (TG) and TG/HDL_C ratio increased immediately post-race. The fractional change (i.e., post-race value pre-race value / pre-race value) in IL-6 had no correlation with the fractional changes in lipids. Conclusion: Running a 100-km ultra-marathon will induce substantial changes in lipids. No link between the plasma IL-6 and lipids found in our data represented this proposition.
Topic: Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
Keyword I: Interleukin-6
Keyword II: Lipids
Keyword III: Ultra-marathon