The European Events of Sport Science (EESS) is the platform for promoting and searching for sport science-related events. Full access is provided online via the ECSS account.

The EESS is used by sport scientific associations to announce congresses, symposia, tutorials as well as awards, providing an excellent opportunity to gain awareness within the sport science community. Frequently consulted by scholars in all subdisciplines the EESS functions as a useful tool to plan ones academic year with regard to participation and contribution in sport science events.

Sport scientific congresses, symposia, tutorials as well as awards should be sent to


Co=Congress, Tu=Tutorial, Aw=Awards



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08.11.2019 10.11.2019 [Co] 2ns European Lifestyle Medicine Congess Italy read more
15.11.2019 16.11.2019 [Co] International Sport Forum on Strength, Training and Nutrition Spain read more
19.11.2019 20.11.2019 [Co] BASES Annual Conference United Kingdom read more
04.12.2019 07.12.2019 [Co] 17th Annual World Congress Insulin Resistance Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease USA read more
07.01.2020 08.01.2020 [Co] Congress of Youth and Winter Sports Switzerland read more
05.02.2020 09.02.2020 [Co] ACSEP 2020 Annual Conference Australia read more
12.03.2020 14.03.2020 [Co] IOC World Conference Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport Monaco read more
02.04.2020 05.04.2020 [Co] 17th Annual Scientific Conference in Sports Science - MSA Dubrovnik 2020 Croatia read more
05.04.2020 06.04.2020 [Co] Global MSK MRI & Ultrasound Congress Malaysia read more
13.05.2020 17.05.2020 [Co] 9th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology Croatia read more
19.05.2020 21.05.2020 [Co] Active Brain 2020 Australia read more
24.06.2020 25.06.2020 [Co] Science & Cycling 2020 France read more
01.07.2020 04.07.2020 [Co] ECSS Seville 2020 Spain read more
16.07.2020 17.07.2020 [Co] Asia-Singapore Conference on Sport Science 2020 Singapore read more
07.07.2021 10.07.2021 [Co] ECSS Glasgow 2021 United Kingdom read more



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